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Resideo offers smart home products like Honeywell Home and Buoy


Catch Up on Resideo’s Recent Acquisitions

Three acquisitions over a three-month period represent important forward progress as we continue to accelerate our growth

As part of Resideo’s vision to provide a safe, healthy and efficient home, accessible to all, the company continues to identify and execute on tuck-in acquisitions and compelling growth opportunities.

Over a three-month period, Resideo has announced three acquisitions in residential water, energy efficiency and critical appliance monitoring that will advance our vision of the smart home of the future.

Read on for a recap of the acquisitions that are driving our mission to connect consumers with actionable insights and technology in their homes to truly change the way people live.

LifeWhere Critical Appliance Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

The recently announced acquisition of Pittsburgh-based LifeWhere marks the third acquisition by Resideo since the spinoff.

The LifeWhere technology uses machine learning and analytics to predict potential failure on critical home appliances, such as water heaters, furnaces and air conditioners. This service provides the detailed analytics required for professional contractors to dispatch technicians with the right skills to quickly repair the appliance before it causes a catastrophic failure.

LifeWhere is a perfect fit for our portfolio of home comfort solutions and demonstrates our commitment to connecting consumers with the do-it-for-me professional contractor channel, simplifying smart home service for all. Read more

Energy Efficiency Technology from Whisker Labs

In May, Resideo acquired innovative energy efficiency technology from Whisker Labs and hired the team behind it, marking the second acquisition by Resideo since the spinoff.

The solutions provide analytics that work with Wi-Fi thermostats to intelligently control the cooling and heating of homes. The technology creates a thermodynamic model of a home to accurately predict home heating and air conditioning run time and energy use. This helps a homeowner use less energy and control comfort more efficiently.

Whisker Labs has been a great partner for Resideo over the years, and adding this capability strengthens and complements the company’s smart home offerings through uses of intelligent data. Read more

Buoy Labs Water Usage and Leak Prevention

Resideo completed the acquisition of Buoy Labs in March. Buoy produces an innovative Wi-Fi-enabled solution that tracks the amount of water used in a home. It integrates smart software and hardware that can identify and prevent potential leaks through its subscription-based app services.

Buoy’s water usage and leak prevention products will allow Resideo and its contractors to offer even greater protection and management of the home, and better insight into water usage, helping homeowners prevent costly damage from water leaks, while saving money and enjoying a more efficient, safer home. Read more

Learn more about our ongoing growth initiatives in our latest earnings presentation.

About Resideo

Resideo is a leading global provider of critical comfort and security solutions primarily in residential environments, and distributor of low-voltage electronic and security products. Building on a 130-year heritage, Resideo has a presence in more than 150 million homes, with 15 million systems installed in homes each year. We continue to serve more than 110,000 contractors through leading distributors, including our ADI Global Distribution business, which exports to more than 100 countries from more than 200 stocking locations around the world. Resideo is a $4.8 billion company with approximately 13,000 global employees. For more information about Resideo, please visit